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Quickly create professional estimates, process change orders, generate invoices, and collect payments, anywhere, anytime!

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Focus on your business, your customers, and making a profit.  Spend less time behind your keyboard building estimates or generating paperwork.


Brand estimates, invoices and reports with your company logo.  Customize your cost book specific to your company and format your estimates showing only the information that is important to you.

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Generate invoices from your estimates and send directly to your customers.  Receive and track payments all while syncing your customers, jobs, and financials to QuickBooks Online.


Store project media including photos, videos, estimates, specifications in single location.  Your project information and files are accessible to your team anytime and anywhere.

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Empowering home service professionals making you more productive and successful.


Is Remodel Cloud really free?

Yes. You start with the free "Basic" version of Remodel Cloud that allows you to create jobs and generate estimates. This version is for a single user and there is no limit to the number of jobs or estimates. You will be provided our default cost book with over 2000 items that you can update and customize as needed. You may use the "Basic" subscription for as long as you like. You may optionally decide to upgrade to our "Premier" plan that allows for up to 10 users and the full Remodel Cloud functionality. See our "Pricing & Plans" below for more details. You will always have the option to return to our "Basic" plan at $0 monthly cost at any time.

Can I use my own cost book?

Yes, Each Remodel Cloud subscription has by default a provided cost book. You have the options to update cost groups and cost items specific to your company. Remodel Cloud tools allows you to export existing cost book information. We have helped many customers to upload their existing cost book and price information. Contact us and we will be happy to help with your cost book informtion.

How can I get support if needed?

There are a number of options available where Remodel Cloud assists customers. Remodel Cloud was designed and built with an integrated help system on each page that displays help information specifically about that page. Additionally, our help system is availble outside and Remodel Cloud via this website. You may also contact us directly by submitting a ticket via the help system or contacting us directly via this website. Finally, there is our library of video tutorials availble on YouTube or this website. We are continually updating our Help system with each upgrade and functionality change. Let us know what you think.

Is my data secure?

Remodel Cloud does not sell or use your data. This is your data. Data for your company is only available to users specified in your company setup. Our databases have full backups every week, differential backups every 12-24 hours, and transaction log backups every 5 to 10 minutes. All backups are replicated across two different geographical regions.



Basic Plan


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1 User

Unlimited Jobs

Job & Customer Management


Customer Specifications

Custom Cost Book


Premier Plan


per month

10 Users

All Basic Plan Functionality

Change Orders

Project Adjustments

Invoicing & Payments

QuickBooks Sync

Project Media Center