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How much will my project cost? Remodelers and Contractors will answer this question almost every day. We can tell you that this is not easy to answer accurately without spending a some time up front. We tend to relay on three types of estimates all with varying degrees of accuracy.

  1. Ballpark Estimates

  2. Detailed Estimates

  3. Flexible Estimates

Ballpark estimates are always free and it seems that this is the first questions your customers have after meeting for 20 minutes. A Ballpark estimate is a rough guess and it should not be taken with much authority. Here in lies the risk. Customers tend to rely on the first numbers they hear and ballpark estimates generally overlook the small details that add up. Studies have show that ballpark estimates may vary as mush as 50% to 80% from the actual price.

Customers generally think in terms of detailed estimates where they know the costs and expect that costs do not change substantially. The margin for error increases with the size of the project and it is essential for both you and the customer

to be on the same page. Remodel Cloud specializes in the creation of Detailed Estimates and the generation of Customer Specifications. Remodel Cloud will helps build thorough and accurate estimates and eliminates most points of misunderstandings or hidden costs. This reduces the risk for you and your customers. Detailed estimates have been shown to have a margin of error of < 2% between actual and estimated costs.

New companies on a shoestring budget can’t afford setbacks, cost overruns and do-overs. Remodel Cloud's detailed estimate approach is a proven method that has worked for more than two decades.

The flexible estimate is very popular and allows customers to weigh options against cost. Remodel Cloud supports multiple estimates for a single job. Many times you will only need a single estimate.

Let's consider a customer who wants a new patio/deck and, optionally, that new hot-tub. Remodel Cloud will allow you to create and estimate for the patio/deck and an additional estimate for all the related costs for the hot-tub installation. Both can be presented to the customer and you can use Remodel Cloud to simply activate or inactivate any or all estimates. Customer Specifications will use all active estimates and each estimate will have it's own section for displaying the specs.

Whether you want a ballpark estimate, detailed estimate or flexible estimate, Remodel Cloud can work with you to meet your project needs.

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Updated: May 20 - Free Estimating for Remodelers, Builders, and Contractors

Your Remodel Cloud home page is divided into several parts. To help you navigate around your homepage, here are some important parts to note:

  1. Entering a search term on the search bar will search all customers and jobs and address against search criteria.  A list of jobs containing the matching search criteria is the result.

  2. Clicking the current logged in user will display drop-down menu used to access your user profile information or logout of the system.

  3. Selecting the "Dashboard" menu item will return user to the dashboard page (currently displayed).

  4. The "New Job" menu item will display screen for adding a new job for your company.

  5. Selecting "Job List" will display a list of jobs sorted from the most recent to the oldest.   You can select jobs, sort jobs and edit jobs via this list.

  6. Invoices is a feature available in the "Premier" plan and is used to navigate the user to the invoice management screen.

  7. Navigates the user to the payment management screen.  "Payments" is a "Premier" plan feature.

  8. Enterprise reporting tools.

  9. Display the external tools features.

  10. Navigate to Administrations screens for company, users, and account management.

  11. Link to the Remodel Cloud Help Center

  12. Quick access links to the most recently active jobs

  13. Display the current weather conditions for your company's location.

  14. Listing of important news items and links to any announcements or updates to the Remodel Cloud community.

  15. View of the job distribution based off the "Job Source" data for the current calendar year.   This can be used to understand where the leads are originating for your company.

  16. Shows the number of leads company into the company for each month for the current calendar year.

  17. View of the job distribution based off the "Job Types" data for the current calendar year.   This can be used to understand what type of jobs your company is attracting.

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Updated: Apr 23

A good estimating system requires a minimum of effort with maximum effect. You need to ensure that your system is efficient, accurate, and centered around profit. Your cost books must reflect your company's real cost in order to protect your profit margins and achieve your financial goals.

Remodel Cloud estimating will ensure you obtain the maximum effect with minimal effort. You will cut your estimating time down to 1/3 the time you currently spend. Our estimating process keeps you aware of your profit margin during the entire estimating process. Ultimately, your success depends on the accuracy of your cost book and your ability to account for all costs.

Remodel Cloud allows for you to build a customized cost book specific for your company. You receive a default cost book upon registration that you can enhance and maintain as your own. Many estimators are more comfortable using pricing data from commercial software systems, while others will generate their own cost databases. We believe that the variation of both material and labor costs in specific regions of the world vary enough to recommend that you manage your own cost book. Remodel Cloud provides a very easy way to update and maintain your cost book.

Cost Book Categories are used to help drive the estimate to ensure that we don't leave any costs on the table and impact your profit margins. Categories are often arranged by project sequence, for example Setup & Permits, Demolition, Foundation,... etc.

We speed up the estimating process via the use of Assemblies. Assemblies are pre-configured collection of cost items that are relative to specific project types like kitchens, baths, or additions. We can insert an Assembly into our estimate and load a majority of cost items that likely apply to your current project or job. It is very easy to update these items to reflect size, selections, or location specific to you job.

Estimating is an art form in many ways. Remodel Cloud is a free remodelign software tool that can be used to speed up and make the process more accurate. Having the best tool, does not guarantee success. The outcome ultimately depends on the skill of the estimator and the accuracy of your costs.

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