There is more than one type of estimate?

How much will my project cost? Remodelers and Contractors will answer this question almost every day. We can tell you that this is not easy to answer accurately without spending a some time up front. We tend to relay on three types of estimates all with varying degrees of accuracy.

  1. Ballpark Estimates

  2. Detailed Estimates

  3. Flexible Estimates

Ballpark estimates are always free and it seems that this is the first questions your customers have after meeting for 20 minutes. A Ballpark estimate is a rough guess and it should not be taken with much authority. Here in lies the risk. Customers tend to rely on the first numbers they hear and ballpark estimates generally overlook the small details that add up. Studies have show that ballpark estimates may vary as mush as 50% to 80% from the actual price.

Customers generally think in terms of detailed estimates where they know the costs and expect that costs do not change substantially. The margin for error increases with the size of the project and it is essential for both you and the customer

to be on the same page. Remodel Cloud specializes in the creation of Detailed Estimates and the generation of Customer Specifications. Remodel Cloud will helps build thorough and accurate estimates and eliminates most points of misunderstandings or hidden costs. This reduces the risk for you and your customers. Detailed estimates have been shown to have a margin of error of < 2% between actual and estimated costs.

New companies on a shoestring budget can’t afford setbacks, cost overruns and do-overs. Remodel Cloud's detailed estimate approach is a proven method that has worked for more than two decades.

The flexible estimate is very popular and allows customers to weigh options against cost. Remodel Cloud supports multiple estimates for a single job. Many times you will only need a single estimate.

Let's consider a customer who wants a new patio/deck and, optionally, that new hot-tub. Remodel Cloud will allow you to create and estimate for the patio/deck and an additional estimate for all the related costs for the hot-tub installation. Both can be presented to the customer and you can use Remodel Cloud to simply activate or inactivate any or all estimates. Customer Specifications will use all active estimates and each estimate will have it's own section for displaying the specs.

Whether you want a ballpark estimate, detailed estimate or flexible estimate, Remodel Cloud can work with you to meet your project needs.


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