Navigating Remodel Cloud

Updated: May 20 - Free Estimating for Remodelers, Builders, and Contractors

Your Remodel Cloud home page is divided into several parts. To help you navigate around your homepage, here are some important parts to note:

  1. Entering a search term on the search bar will search all customers and jobs and address against search criteria.  A list of jobs containing the matching search criteria is the result.

  2. Clicking the current logged in user will display drop-down menu used to access your user profile information or logout of the system.

  3. Selecting the "Dashboard" menu item will return user to the dashboard page (currently displayed).

  4. The "New Job" menu item will display screen for adding a new job for your company.

  5. Selecting "Job List" will display a list of jobs sorted from the most recent to the oldest.   You can select jobs, sort jobs and edit jobs via this list.

  6. Invoices is a feature available in the "Premier" plan and is used to navigate the user to the invoice management screen.

  7. Navigates the user to the payment management screen.  "Payments" is a "Premier" plan feature.

  8. Enterprise reporting tools.

  9. Display the external tools features.

  10. Navigate to Administrations screens for company, users, and account management.

  11. Link to the Remodel Cloud Help Center

  12. Quick access links to the most recently active jobs

  13. Display the current weather conditions for your company's location.

  14. Listing of important news items and links to any announcements or updates to the Remodel Cloud community.

  15. View of the job distribution based off the "Job Source" data for the current calendar year.   This can be used to understand where the leads are originating for your company.

  16. Shows the number of leads company into the company for each month for the current calendar year.

  17. View of the job distribution based off the "Job Types" data for the current calendar year.   This can be used to understand what type of jobs your company is attracting.


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